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Seattle Father’s Rights Attorney

When it comes to child custody, divorce, and separation cases, both wife and husband go through difficult times, but men especially face unique challenges. Husbands and dads struggle differently from women in cases like these.

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Our Seattle father’s rights attorneys at McGuire Law understand the concerns that men confront. We will stand committed to ensuring that fathers’ rights are protected through our assertive and effective counsel.

Your rights as a husband or a father are just as important as the mother’s rights. If you are undergoing a separation or child custody concerns, make sure that you get to utilize your father’s rights meaningfully in your favor. A qualified Seattle, WA father’s rights attorney will make things easier for you to achieve this.

McGuire Law is a law firm that houses competent Seattle father’s right attorneys. With our expertise, the law will not be gender-biased, so you have nothing to worry about. You get full representation and defense in our care. We will do everything so you will benefit from the rights given to you. We will ensure that all your interests are met with the appropriate legal procedure. We will continually acknowledge your rights as a father while helping you deal with sensitive topics so you can trust us to deal with this matter.

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What are Father’s Rights?

father and child custodyDuring some extreme circumstances, such as divorce with a sensitive issue like child custody support, husbands or fathers have the right to:

1. Request child custody. They have the same right and opportunity as the mothers’, to be a part of their child or children’s lives in a meaningful way and regularly.
2. Pursue child custody if you become the primary residential parent.
3. File a petition to the court for child support such as regular payments to help in covering food, shelter, clothing, and expenses for other necessities.
4. See your children and be a steady presence in their lives even if you are not always by their side.
5. Have a regular and reasonable visitation under the law.
6. Have free time with your child or children without the intervention of the other parent.

McGuire Law, with its outstanding Seattle father’s rights lawyers, will make sure that you benefit from these rights. We will put up effective and assertive defense strategies to win this custody battle.

Trusted and Reputable Family Law Firm

father and childSeparation issues like divorce often include sensitive topics, such as child custody, visitation, and child support. At McGuire Law, our Seattle father’s rights attorney will acknowledge your rights as a husband and a father and help you throughout your divorce negotiations.

We will try to guide you toward reaching an amicable arrangement with your ex-spouse in consideration of your child or children’s interests if any. Our lawyers will seek more aggressive alternatives if the other party refuses to act fairly. When another negotiation fails, we will continue to find ways to give you a favorable arrangement. We will not leave you hopeless and in despair.

Your rights may be threatened if your ex-spouse brings up questions of paternity or denies visitation rights. While betting is a good option, it’s better not to take any chances. Instead, we will revise our options to ensure that you are not treated unfairly. With us by your side, your legal rights are indeed acknowledged.

Steadfast Seattle Father’s Rights Attorney

father and son child custodyMcGuire Law proudly offers its legal services more specifically on the practice of father’s rights. Our legal team is regarded as the best in their area of specialization. We have represented and defended our clients in the past, and they have enjoyed their father’s rights to the fullest.

Our team of Seattle father’s rights attorney is proficient enough to handle any cases concerning your rights as a father. We have mastered the know-how of court proceedings, so every step is attended to carefully with our knowledge and skills. We will share with you our experiences in handling the same cases, and we will undertake the same moves to turn the situation in favor of our side.

With us, you get quality legal services such as representation, defense, counsel, and consultation in any related matter. Our legal experts will see to it that you are treated fairly, and you get the same arrangement without any compromise to your physical, emotional, or financial state.

Rest assured that working with us yields a higher chance of securing the best of your interests.

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McGuire Law logoTalk to our Seattle father’s rights attorney about your specific circumstances. The first step may be hard at first, but if you choose our team of remarkable father’s rights attorneys, we will do everything we can to defend you and meet your interests.

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