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Mercer Island Divorce Attorney

Broward County Divorce AttorneysIn any divorce, going through it alone is never advisable. It is crucial that you know exactly what the whole process means to you and your spouse before taking any legal action. Understanding the legal process that entails a divorce will better prepare you for the possibly long or short process, depending on your circumstances.

The end of a marriage can be painless and quick, but potential issues could also arise, making it difficult and time-consuming. Some divorces finish up quickly when both parties are in agreement with the settlement. However, this can also stretch on for months and even years when one side sees major issues in the proposed agreement settlement. To benefit you, it is advised to contact an expert divorce attorney.

McGuire Law is a credible law firm that will provide you with an expert Mercer Island divorce attorney’s premium service. Our free consultation is an opportunity for you to tell us all about your case and hear what we could offer. We will assess your circumstances and provide you with options with which you can legally proceed.

We trust that we will successfully help you choose the most suitable route to take with our knowledge and experience.

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Mercer Island Divorce Process

collaborative divorceEnding a once hopeful marriage is already disheartening enough without such a confusing and intimidating legal process, making the divorce proceedings complex and long. Our skilled divorce attorneys, who are fluent in both English and Korean, can help you understand your divorce’s potential agenda and assist you throughout every stage of the divorce. We won’t allow you to go through such a daunting process alone.

Our top divorce attorneys at McGuire Law can help you file motions, collect finance records, and conduct a thorough investigation into any hidden assets. Contact our attorneys to represent you in divorce negotiations, and we can assure you that we will help you move on peacefully with your life.
Petition for Dissolution of Marriage in Mercer Island.
Washington is a ‘no-fault’ state, which ultimately means that no reason is needed for you or your spouse to file for divorce. By following the outlined requirement for the petition, you can file a petition any time you prefer.

Your petition for divorce should contain vital information about you, your spouse, and your children if you have any. Hiring a Mercer Island divorce attorney ensures that all your paperwork—including requests for property division, spousal maintenance, child support, and child custody—is filed correctly. Our expert divorce attorney will also gather all the information necessary in a petition for dissolution of marriage.

Divorce Discovery Process

This is one of the most important processes in a divorce proceeding. In the discovery process, you are given a chance to gather documents and information to help your petition. Conducting investigations is recommended to be done during the discovery process.

Important documents such as insurance policies, real property, investment accounts, criminal records, income retirement funds, and other important information are some of the information you might need during the discovery process.

The Rule of Civil Procedure has been established by Washington state to manage the discovery process, and below are the limitation for discovery for both parties:

• Depositions
• Interrogatories
• Request documents
• Request for admissions
• Subpoena third parties

Mediation or Arbitration Hearings in Mercer Island

divorce and family law attorneysAs much as we all wish marriages to be endgame and happily ever after, not all marriages end on a positive note. During divorce proceedings, misunderstandings and not being able to communicate effectively is common. In this case, it is advised to request meditation. This is when a qualified third party attempts to facilitate a resolution by hearing both parties.

Another formal form of mediation is arbitration, where the arbitrator hears both sides and decides on a final agreement. Arbitrations are governed by the Mandatory Arbitration Rules of Washington, and the arbitrator must meet certain qualifications and has to be sworn into the Washington State Bar.

Agreement Settlements in Mercer Island

After reaching an agreement from both parties, you and your divorce attorney can draft a marital settlement agreement, which must include vital information such as child support, maintenance payments, property division, and possible parenting plans.

If a resolution has been reached through arbitration, both sides must follow the agreement that was laid out. Once you and your spouse have signed the agreement, making it viable, it can already be presented in court. Your divorce will be finalized once the judge signs the agreement.

Best Mercer Island Divorce Attorney

Mercer Island Divorce Attorney Canva Golden Hammer and Gavel 300x165It is important to get in touch with an expert divorce attorney if you or your spouse is pursuing a divorce. With divorce being a confusing and intimidating process, it is best to have legal representation to guide you through every step you need to take. Find that today with McGuire Law.

Our experienced lawyers have the skills and knowledge to represent clients in trial proceedings and divorce mediation. Each of our staff is knowledgeable in Washington state law, making us more than capable of helping you work around it to achieve the most favorable solution for your circumstances.

A Mercer Island, WA divorce attorney who can ensure you are given the right information, ask the right questions, and help you reach an agreement is what you need by your side during such a difficult time. McGuire Law has that and more. We won’t just be your legal partner but your confidante as well. We will listen and ease your troubles without you worrying about us spilling the beans to anyone.

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Mercer Island Divorce Attorney mcguirelaw logoDivorce entails a complex legal process that you shouldn’t go through alone. To make sure that you file all the right documents and take all the necessary legal steps, our professional Mercer Island, WA divorce attorney is at your beck and call.

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